Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cicso AVVID and IP Telephony

Format : PDF
Author : Robert Padjen,Larry Keefer,Sean Thurston,Jeff Bankston,Michael E. Flannagan
Publisher : Syngress Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1-928994-83-0
Pages  : 500
Size :  7Mb

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The business benefits compelling enterprises to assess and deploy IP telephony solutions are many.While many of the cost savings benefits still apply with reduced costs for moves, adds and changes (MACs), infrastructure consolidation, and international toll bypass, perhaps more compelling are the new applications now available.“Click to dial,”“follow-me,” unified messaging, and customized XML applications running
on IP phones can change the way organizations function to gain advantage in the increasingly competitive business landscape.

Many lessons have already been learned from the rapid adoption of Cisco’s AVVID IP Telephony product line.While the business justification is compelling, organizations must cost effectively integrate “old world” technologies with the new, engineer packet transport networks for quality of service, simultaneously bolster traditional telephony and IP skills, and continuously exercise proper risk management. The purpose of this book is to help readers overcome the inherent complexities of IP telephony so that its promise can be fully realized.

Those interested in implementing, administering, or gaining certification with AVVID IP Telephony should read this book. A survey of “old world” technologies is presented to contrast to the “new world” of IP telephony and its components. Gateway selection, high availability CallManager clustering, H.323 gatekeeper design, DSP provisioning, dial plans, and QoS are explained. An interesting review of applicable protocols, engineering for complex multiple site deployments, and an overview of IP telephony applications are also included. The lessons to be learned from this book have been learned by Callisma’s highly skilled team of technology and project management professionals who specialize in the design and implementation of complex IP telephony networks.We help our clients leverage competitive advantage through the judicious application of networking technologies via strategic business planning, design, engineering, and implementation services.

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