Friday, April 8, 2011

E-Business Implementation

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Author : Dougal Watt MA, BA, BSc.
Publisher : Butterworth-Heinemann ublisher
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Indowebster Server

Competition within the modern economy has dramatically increased in recent years, as consumers and businesses demand greater choice. In order to survive in this new environment companies must increasingly deliver better customer services and decrease time to market for new and existing products and services, as well as increase collaboration between their employees, partners and suppliers to provide additional efficiency and lower costs. Increasingly, companies are satisfying these business requirements through the adoption of e-business technologies.

This adoption is driven by the increased awareness of the tremendous reach afforded by e-business technologies, and their ability to dramatically increase the efficiency and productivity of existing business processes and systems. E-business technologies provide a single mechanism to reach businesses, consumers, and employees with products and services across local, national and international boundaries in real time and at very low cost.

E-business technologies also provide a powerful mechanism for organizations to automate and simplify business processes used by their internal enterprise systems, and to automate business processes used by external partners and suppliers, or to integrate disparate technology systems after mergers and acquisitions. In addition, e-business technologies are also being utilized for the outsourcing of inefficient or non-core processes in order to gain competitive advantage and allow for greater information flow between trading partners to better respond to changing market conditions.

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